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Japanese Alphabet Typing Game – Katakana


Japanese Alphabet Typing Game – Katakana

Before You Start:

Your computer must have Japanese language supported before you can play this game and type Japanese characters.

If your computer doesn’t support Japanese language, you may add the Japanese language support under control panel if you’re using Windows.

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See how to enable Japanese Language support in your operating system here, and how to type Japanese letters here and here.

After you’ve successfully added Japanese language support, you will see a small IME icon on the system tray located at the bottom right of your screen.

How to Play and Answer:

Click on “Play Now” to start the game. Then, click on the field “Type here>>” and type your answer in romaji.

After you type the Japanese alphabet character, you need to press the ENTER key in order to validate your answer. You can control the speed with the “+” and “-” signs.

Name of Game: Japanese Alphabet Typing Game

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